evaporation-ponics setup for kratom

evaporation-ponics setup for kratom  – These systems work by letting the plants use the natural water cycle they’re used to within a hydroponic method.

As the plants utilize the water they exhale water vapor that trickles down through condensation collecting in the bottom of the outer tub. The water that accumulates has a higher PH of about 8.0PH and a purity level of zero PPM/TDS which is as good if not better than RO filtered water (if I could only keep leaves from falling in or mud from splashing over when I refill).

These tubs hold in the humidity so that the H20 in the hydroponic solution can be reclaimed, but it also keeps this high PH water away from the roots so the plants grow healthy without PH stress. The moisture can have it’s PH corrected to 5.8PH and be pumped back into the inner tub.

These could be a lifesaver if you’re growing in colder or less humid locations where tropical plants cannot survive year round, or colder climates where plants would never survive. They’re great for food and clean drinking water manufacturing. Wilderness survival guides drink the dew off the leaves of plants in the jungle. This is the same stuff.

Enjoy and if you decide to use this method please feel free to share your pictures and experience with us.